General Information

MISSION: Central Christian College of the Bible exists to develop servant-leaders for the church.

As a traditional undergraduate Bible college, Central equips men and women for leadership in the Kingdom of God both nationally and internationally.

Central seeks spiritually-minded students who actively participate in their local congregations, have the intellectual ability to study at the college level, and desire to become equipped with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills for vocational church leadership and volunteer positions. 

Central provides degrees and certificates that equip students with a Bible-centered higher educational foundation within the context of a Christian worldview and help students become productive, contributing members of their communities.

Affiliated with the Restoration Movement, Central seeks to graduate faithful servant-leaders distinguished by authentic Christian character, who have the ability to communicate the Gospel effectively and become disciple-makers worldwide.  This mission obeys the Biblical mandates of 2 Timothy 2:2, “Pass on what you heard from me…to reliable leaders who are competent to teach others” [The Message] and Matthew 28:19, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations….” [NASB]

VISION:  Dedicated disciples who know God's word and serve His kingdom.

CULTURAL VALUES:  Central is a ministry community of servant-leaders, growing together in grace and truth.

Students and employees alike expect, experience, and extend ministry while anticipating greater works to come. This is true of the Moberly campus, the online environment, and the alumni bonds that exist after formal education is complete. Our employees and our students model service to others, out of which grows true leadership. Serving others shows them the example of Christ and allows them to respond to our leadership because they trust our service.

We recognize God’s grace for us and others, creating a place where employee, student, and alumni failures are redeemed and mistakes are seen as part of growth.  Our students learn truth not only from the Bible, but also through academic studies and collective spiritual wisdom.  We stand for truth, spoken in love and balanced with grace, to help one another grow.

CORE VALUES:  Our identity and priorities are shaped by three core values.

Heritage - Our constituents are predominantly from the Christian churches/churches of Christ and those with a past connection with Central.  Those without an explicit relationship are also welcome to be part of our fellowship, in homage to the origins of the Restoration Movement.

Authority - Our essential nature as a Christian Bible College demonstrates our belief in the Lord Jesus as God’s authoritative representative and the written word of God as Spirit-inspired truth.  We recognize the authority of Christ and the Word above any human authority.  As we submit to His Word, we submit to governing authorities and to one another out of reverence for Christ. 

Affordability - Those who are committed to serving Christ in vocational ministry should have the opportunity for specialized training, no matter their financial circumstances.  Central maximizes donor dollars and student revenue to make the cost of an accredited degree affordable for anyone who is qualified to attend.  We want students to graduate without the burden of educational debt, which can create a barrier to accomplishing the work to which God has called them. 

COMMON VALUES:  Christian love and integrity define the ethics by which we operate.