Fall 2008

Fall 2008
Aug 22 Dr. Ron Oakes, CCCB President Audio
Aug 27 Richard Rexrode, CCCB VP of Student Development Audio
Aug 29 M. Ben Williams, Associate Professor of Preaching and Old Testament Audio
Sept 3 Ken Harland, Capital Wet Christian Church Audio
Sept 5 William Walton, CCCB Professor Audio
Sept 10 Dave Ferneau (Class of 1983), Blue Springs Christian Church Audio
Sept 12 Eric Stevens (Class of 1984), CCCB Professor Audio
Sept 17 David Mehrle, Harvester Christian Church Audio
Sept 19 Chad Summa (Class of 1999), CCCB Professor Audio
Sept 26 Dr. David B. Fincher (Class of 1993), Vice-President of Academics Audio
Oct 1 Travis Loewen, Cowboy Chapel, Branson, MO Audio
Oct 2 Stephanie Freed, Rapha House Audio
Oct 3 Allen Messimer (Class of 2001), Missionary to Taiwan Audio
Oct 8 Bob Leinbaugh (Class of 1982), Christ's Mission Church Audio
Oct 10 Darryl Ammon (Class of 1982), Prairie Hill Christian Church Audio
Oct 17 Allen Todd, Timber Lake Christian Church Audio
Oct 21 Doug Priest, National Missionary Convention and Christian Missionary Fellowship Audio
Oct 24 Jonathan Ralls (Class of 1996), CCCB Professor Audio
Oct 29 Bob Bacon (Class of 1999), Northside Christian Church, Warrensburg, MO Audio
Oct 31 Rory Christensen, CCCB Professor Audio
Nov 5 Tim Goodman, Clover Road Christian Church Audio
Nov 7 Daniel Schantz, CCCB Professor Audio
Nov 12 Jed Fuller, Legacy Christian Church Audio
Nov 14 Phil Marley, VP of Institutional Advancement Audio
Nov 19 Steve Hagemeyer, Christian Campus House, UMC Audio
Nov 25 Panel Discussion Audio
Dec 3 Dr. Gary Hall, Lincoln Christian Seminary Audio
Dec 5 Student Testimonies (Acadia Davenport and Teguh Djaja) Audio