Fall 2009

Fall 2009
Aug 26 Ben Williams (Convocation), Dean of Men, Associate Professor of Speech and Old Testament Audio
Aug 28 Dr. Ron Oakes, President Audio
Sept 1 Richard Rexrode, Vice-President of Student Development Audio
Sept 4 Darryl Ammon, Instructor in Greek Audio
Sept 8 Dr. David Fincher, Vice President of Academics Audio
Sept 11 Mr. William Walton, Professor of Ministry Audio
Sept 15 Mr. Stuart Liegey, Associate Professor of Bible and Ministry Audio
Sept 18 Rick Fordyce, Executive Vice President Audio
Sept 22 Mr. Rick Jett, International Disaster Emergency ServicesNational Missionary Convention Audio
Sept 25 Dr. C.J. Dull, Research Professor of Greek and Church History Audio
Sept 29 Concert of Prayer Audio
Oct 2 Dr. Dan Donaldson, Professor of Old Testament Audio
Oct 6 Missions Emphasis Week: Joshua Sanchez (Class of 2003), Manzanillo, Mexico Audio
Oct 7 Missions Emphasis Week: Drew Glosson (Class of 2008), Tokyo, Japan Audio
Oct 8 Missions Emphasis Week: Dr. Micheal Curtice, CCCB Instructor Audio
Oct 9 Missions Emphasis Week: Mark Burbidge (Class of 2004) Audio
Oct 13 Dr. David Fincher, Vice-President of Academics Audio
Oct 23 Daniel Schantz, Professor of Christian Education Audio
Oct 27 Dr. Micheal Curtice, Instructor in Bible and Ministry Audio
Oct 30 Philip Marley, Vice-President of Institutional Advancement Audio
Nov 3 Dr. Billy Jones, St. Louis Christian College Audio
Nov 6 Mr. Ben Williams, Dean of Men, Associate Professor of Speech and Old Testament Audio
Nov 10 Mr. Mike Worstell, Lecturing Professor of Missions Audio
Nov 13 Mr. Richard Koffarnus, Professor of Theology and Philosophy Audio
Nov 17 Mr. Jon Ralls, Professor of Preaching Audio
Nov 19 Mr. Eric Stevens, Professor of New Testament Audio
Dec 1 Mr. Chad Summa, Adjunct Professor of Old Testament Audio
Dec 4 Mr. Jamie Franke, Adjunct Professor of New Testament Audio
Dec 8 Dr. Ron Oakes, President Audio
Dec 15 Mr. Rory Christensen, Professor of Youth and Family Audio