Spring 2012 Chapel Sermons

Spring 2012
Jan 20 Ron Oakes, President Audio
Jan 24 Dr. Barry Thornton, Director of Development Audio
Jan 27 Micheal Curtice, Professor of Missions Audio
Jan 31 Dr. David Fincher, Vice-President of Academics Audio
Feb 3 Andy Rodriquez Audio
Feb 7 Campus Revival - Drew Snyder (Morning service) Audio
Feb 7 Campus Revival - Drew Snyder (Evening service) Audio
Feb 8 Campus Revival - Drew Snyder Audio
Feb 9 Day of Service - Kaleb Rippy Audio
Feb 10 Campus Revival - Drew Snyder Audio
Feb 14 Brandon Bentch, Senior Sermon Audio
Feb 17 Michael Walton, Senior Sermon Audio
Feb 21 Daniel Goehringer, Senior Sermon Audio
Feb 28 Cody Isaacson. Senior Sermon Audio
March 6 Lucma Adolphe, Senior Sermon Audio
March 9 Bob Russell, Alumni Homecoming Chapel Audio
March 13 Billy Glosson, Senior Sermon Audio
March 16 Darin Frey, Senior Sermon Audio
March 20 Nathaniel Iman, Senior Sermon Audio
March 23 Frank Dugan, Senior Sermon Audio
March 27 Jerrell Harvey, Senior Sermon Audio
April 10 Jim Kilson (Class of 2002), MOVE  Audio
April 13 Nikomas Perez, Harvester Christian Church, St. Charles, MO Audio
April 17 Drew Glosson (Class of 2007), Missionary to Japan Audio
April 20 Aaron Welch, Lifeworks Counseling in Orlando, FL Audio
April 24 Matthew Stieger, Crossroads Christian Church Audio
April 27 Reports from Spring Mission Trips Audio
May 1 Mark Kummer, Calloway Christian Church Audio
May 4 Student Council Audio
May 8 Honors Chapel Audio
May 12 Jonathan Ralls, Commencement Audio