Theology Courses

BTH 100                         Foundations of Christianity                           3 hours

Students learn how the Christian faith is founded upon the Bible by discovering foundational knowledge of Bible, defining a theology of the Scriptures, and examining how the Bible is reliable.  In addition, students learn a method for interpreting Scripture and applying Biblical teaching for Christian growth. (View Syllabus)

BTH 201                             Basic Biblical Theology                               3 hours

Acquaints the student with the terminology, methodology, and basic doctrines of Biblical theology. Special attention is given to the person and work of Christ, and to man’s redemption from sin. (View Syllabus) (View Honors Syllabus)

BTH 301                      Orientation to Biblical Research                        3 hours

Through guided projects and selective readings, students find and narrow a topic, research and write an annotated bibliography, produce a concise thesis statement for the major paper, and finalize a thesis outline.  Students prepare to begin the actual writing of the major Biblical research project.  They also learn additional hermeneutical principles which assist in the accurate understanding of the Scriptures as well in as their legitimate application to contemporary life. (View syllabus)

BTH 312                              Theology of Missions                                3 hours

A comprehensive Biblical study of the missionary intent of God as it progressively unfolds in the Scriptures, with special focus on its significance for the missionary task today. A particular emphasis of the people of God in both the Old and New Testament is developed. Issues involving salvation, world evangelization, the kingdom, and the dynamics of spiritual warfare are discussed to help the student develop a personal, Biblical theology of missions.

BTH 315                    Practical Theology for Counselors                      3 hours

Surveys theological areas that are most commonly addressed in Biblical counseling.  Topics addressed from a Biblical perspective include the problem of suffering, forgiveness, sexuality, parenting, and others.

BTH 325                         Advanced Biblical Theology                           3 hours

Addresses the Biblical doctrines of predestination and election, sovereignty of God, sinfulness of humanity, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and events surrounding the return of Christ and the end times.  Students are challenged to examine competing doctrinal systems in the light of Scripture. (View syllabus)  (View honors syllabus)

BTH 332                              Evidences of Creation                                3 hours

An overview of the scientific evidence for the Biblical teaching on Creation. The importance of this topic is stressed in light of its implications for all Biblical theology. A distinctively Christian worldview is set in strong contrast to the secular humanism and evolutionary paradigms that often influence scientific thought in our present culture.

BTH 342                                     Apologetics                                       3 hours

Students are introduced to topics such as these: proofs of God’s existence, the problem of evil, and the question of miracles.  The evidence substantiating the truth of Christianity is reviewed.  Consideration is given to evidences supporting the historical reliability of the documents of Scripture.  Supernatural evidences establishing the deity of Christ such as fulfilled prophecy, miracles, and especially the resurrection are investigated.  The inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of the Bible are defended on the basis of the authority of Christ. (View syllabus) (View honors syllabus)

BTH 360                            Contemporary Theology                              3 hours

Students analyze a significant, recent theological movement or person.  Challenges and opportunities for Biblical understanding are described and applied to church ministry.  The topic is determined by the instructor.

BTH 395                              Readings in Theology                                3 hours

Selected readings in Theology are assigned by the instructor.  A minimum of 1,000 pages of reading for each hour of credit and a final research paper or project are required for the course.