Advising Courses

GCA 031, 032                       Private Study Skills                                 0 hours

Individualized tutoring for students who are on Academic Probation.  Other students may choose to participate if space is available.

GCA 090                                Basic College Skills                                  3 hours

Helps students master basics of sentence and paragraph production, usage skills, and grammar concepts. 

GCS 101 DL                   Orientation to Online Studies                           1 hour

Familiarizes students with the expectations, technology, and processes required in all of the College’s online courses. Required before enrollment in an online program can be started.

GSS 100                                   Saints Seminar                                      1 hour

Prepares new students to meet the spiritual, academic, and campus life expectations necessary to be successful as a student at Central Christian College of the Bible.  Includes assessments, writing, and lectures during the first week of a student’s enrollment.