History Courses

GHS 103                                    U.S. History I                                      3 hours

A survey of U.S. History from the beginnings of New World exploration to 1900, with special emphasis given to the development of the Constitution and the influence of Christianity on the development of American culture. 

GHS 104                                   U.S. History II                                     3 hours

A survey of U.S. History from Reconstruction to the Twenty-first century, with special emphasis on dramatic changes in the direction of the country caused by the Great Depression, World Wars I & II, and the Vietnam War, as well as the ongoing debate over interpreting and applying the Constitution.  

GHS 111                                World Geography                                   3 hours

A study of the major components of the discipline of geography with particular reference to the political, cultural, economic, and social factors in each major region of the world.  Comparisons and contrasts are drawn between the developed nations, such as the United States, and developing nations.

GHS 143                             American Government                               3 hours

An introduction to the principles of American government at the Federal level.  Students examine the history, political theory, and Constitutional basis of the three branches of American government, with particular emphasis on the separation of powers and checks and balances that exist between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.  

GHS 151                                World Civilization                                  3 hours

Surveys major concepts and history that came to make up what we know as Western Civilization; i.e. the essential building blocks of the civilization embraced by western European countries and the American continents.  The period covered begins with the Stone Age and continues through the Reformation.  Among the fields surveyed are art, politics, philosophy, religion, literature, law and government.  Frequent emphasis is given to the interplay between significant developments in these fields and the growth or decline of major powers.

GHS 212                               Restoration History                                 3 hours

The principles and personalities of the Restoration Movement are presented in class lectures and student research. The historical documents, doctrines, messages, and methods of the great men of this movement to restore the New Testament church are examined and explained.  (View syllabus)

GHS 212 DL            History of the Restoration Movement                   3 hours

A survey of the history of the Christian Churches / Churches of Christ in the 19th and 20th centuries up to the present time.  Early leaders and guiding principles receive special attention.  Acquaint the student with the Restoration Movement.  Each student will have an understanding of the history, the theological presuppositions, underlying principles, and relevant applications for today.

GHS 312                 Contemporary Restoration Movement                   3 hours

Looks at the recent history of the contemporary restoration movement in all three wings of the movement in the Disciples of Christ, Independent Christian Church, and non-instrumental churches of Christ.  It focuses on issues that the churches have in common that can potentially unite and divide the movement.      

GHS 342 DL                             Church History                                     3 hours

Provides the student with an overview of church history.  This is an introductory course designed to acquaint the student with the broad scope of the history of the church over the last two millennia.  At the end of the course the student should be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the four major areas of church history: Early, Medieval, Renaissance-Reformation, and Modern.

GHS 343                              Early Church History                                3 hours

Acquaints students with certain basic concepts and movements within the Ancient and Medieval Churches, including the major statements of faith (creeds) arising out of the Ecumenical Councils, as well as the various significant theological, institutional and political changes that have led to the formation of major church bodies and significant theological positions.  

GHS 344                            Modern Church History                              3 hours

Studies the history and development of the church from the Renaissance to the 21st century.  Special emphasis is given to those movements and ideas which have led to the rise of the major denominations.     (View syllabus)

GHS 365                               History of Missions                                 3 hours

A study of the Scriptural basis and principles for world evangelism and its history from Pentecost until the present. Key dates, people, and missionary policies and their effects on present day missions are considered. A major focus is the work and impact of missionaries in the Restoration Movement.

GHS 398                               Readings in History                                 3 hours

Selected readings in history are assigned by the instructor.  A minimum of 1,000 pages of reading for each hour of credit, plus a final research paper or project are required for the course.