Christian Counseling Courses

PCM 225                  Foundations of Christian Counseling                   3 hours*

Focuses on the history and development of Christian counseling. The course covers a broad range of issues critical to a counseling ministry and the scriptures that address those issues, including crisis intervention.  The student will also observe and participate in role-plays that initiate them into the counseling process. (View syllabus)

PCM 315                          Basic Counseling Methods                            3 hours

Presents a therapeutic model of counseling.  Students practice skills necessary to nurture those who are in need of help.

PCM 330                  Introduction to Counseling Theories                    3 hours

A study of the basic methods of the major schools of counseling. Emphasis is given to those principles and methods which most schools share in common.

PCM 337                              Integration Seminar                                 3 hours

A study attempting to integrate theology and psychology, pointing out the areas of agreement and disagreement between contemporary psychology and Biblical theology.

PCM 338                           Tests and Measurements                             3 hours

An introduction to the administration and interpretation of various measurement tools, profiles, and inventories that can aid counselors in their efforts to assist people.

PCM 350                      Advanced Counseling Methods                        3 hours

Addresses advanced needs of counseling clients.  Students learn to choose appropriate intervention strategies.  Regular counseling treatments for a variety of needs are surveyed by the instructor and explored in depth by the students.

PCM 391                   Independent Studies in Counseling                     3 hours

An opportunity for students to conduct independent research under the supervision of a faculty member.  A minimum of 45 hours of research for each hour of credit, plus a final paper or project are required for the course.