Christian Education Courses

PED 275                    Foundations of Christian Education                   3 hours*

A content and skills course that covers the basic principles and philosophy of Christian education. Students will create lesson plans and learn basic methods of teaching. (View syllabus)

PED 311                                Education of Adults                               3 hours*

A course that examines the nature of adults at each stage of growth and suggests ways of helping them learn at each stage. A lecture discussion course that will introduce the problems and needs of adults and how to minister to those needs.

PED 322                     Introduction to Christian Schools                     3 hours*

A course designed to familiarize students with the modern Christian Day School movement. Students receive guidance that will help them to start or work in a Christian school. A lecture discussion course.

PED 323                              Literature for Children                               3 hours

A course designed to survey the literature and related issues for children from pre-school through young adult. The purpose of the course is to enable students to evaluate and select children’s literature for teaching purposes. A lecture discussion course with no prerequisites.

PED 326                       Child Growth and Development                        3 hours

Examines the characteristics of individuals from early childhood to adult years. The physical, mental, and social characteristics are dealt with in order to determine how best to interact with the various age groups.

PED 375                                 Creative Teaching                                 3 hours*

Develops the general creative ability of the student and then to help him/her apply that creative problem solving to a variety of teaching learning areas.  A lecture/discussion course with short projects.

PED 375 DL                        Creative Bible Teaching                             3 hours*

Provides practical methods for teaching the Bible, including principles for teaching, learning and for lesson construction.  Students are guided in the  step-by-step development of lesson plans.  Various teaching techniques are researched, discussed and presented in field experiences by the student.

PED 380 DL                Contemporary Children’s Ministry                    3 hours*

A course examining the principles and methods for effective ministry to children, birth through sixth grade.  Special attention is given to discipline, teaching, worship and evangelism.

PED 381                             Small Group Leadership                            3 hours*

A course designed to familiarize students with the small groups movement in our country and churches, including its history, literature and methods. Students also gain practice in leading a small group.

PED 382                    Christian Education Administration                   3 hours*

A course designed to acquaint students with the basic principles and skills of effective educational leadership and to give specific guidance on a variety of education duties.

PED 395          Independent Study in Christian Education           3 hours

An opportunity for students to conduct independent research under the supervision of a faculty member.  A minimum of 45 hours of research for each hour of credit, plus a final paper or project are required for the course.