Christian Counseling

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Career Opportunities

Students who graduate with a Christian Counseling major are qualified to do personal religious counseling as part of their own ministries.  Graduates are sometimes employed to do spiritual counseling within a church. They can be employed as a camp counselor or in certain social work positions.  A graduate is well qualified to pursue a master’s degree in counseling, which is required to be eligible for state licensure.  A master’s degree and a license are required to work as a counselor in many contexts.

Program Objectives

The Christian Counseling program can be developed either within the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree.  In addition to those degree goals (page 41),students in the Christian Counseling program will be able to do the following:

  1. Demonstrate competence in counseling skills.
  2. Evaluate major counseling theories and techniques against a Biblical worldview.
  3. Integrate Biblical truths into counseling contexts.
  4. Meet entrance requirements to graduate programs that advance the student toward licensure as a professional counselor.

A Christian Counseling program can be developed within either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Pastoral Counseling Minor

A Pastoral Counseling ministry minor is also available to be added to any Bachelor's degree by completing the following requirements.