2013-14 Cost Calculator - Billing


Tuition Full-Time Students Part-Time Sutdents
Full Tuition Scholarship $4,800 $300 per credit
The tuition scholarship covers degree-seeking students taking fewer than 19 credits.
The Scholarship may be reduced due to deficiencies in grades, Christian service, or chapel attendance.
Semester Fees
Residence Hall Students $4,500
Commuter Students $2,100  (Full-Time Students) $1,500  (Part-Time Students)
Online Program Students ($200 per credit hour)
All required student fees are included in the above prices.
Residence Hall fees include triple occupancy room and a 16 meals per week board plan.
One-Time Program Fees
Matriculation (make sure to mark this if this is your first semester as a degree seeking student)
Scholars Bible Software Package $375
Commencement & Diploma $100
Optional Semester Fees
Single Occupancy (subject to availability) $500 upcharge
Premium Internet Service $50
Semester Overload ($100 per credit hour)
Independent Study ($100 per credit hour)
Reactivation $250
Incomplete Registration $200
Late Registration ($10 per credit hour)
Course Retake ($100 per credit hour)
Change of Program $60
Change of Schedule $40
Dual Enrollment ($100 per credit hour)
Don't Forget to Estimated Books & Supplies! $400 $375 $200
Estimated First Semester Total (After Scholarship) $0