Charges and Fees

Academic Support Fee

Returning students on academic warning or who request a weekly tutor are charged for those support services.

Application Fee

The cost to apply is $50.

Certificate Enrollment Fee

Students pursuing ministry or career certificates are charged for the course of study they are interested in. The fee applies the first semester a student enrolls in the certificate to cover the advising and instructional cost.

Change of Program Fee

After completing 60 hours, students who change their degree or ministry program will be charged to begin the new course of study.

Change of Schedule Fee

Students who add, drop, or change sections of a course are charged a flat processing fee.

Dual Enrollment Fee

Students who are simultaneously enrolled at Central and a partner institution are charged a fee per hour to cover costs of coordinating schedules, financial aid, and billing.

Graduation Fees

When completing a degree, a student is charged for the expenses of a diploma and commencement. A diploma fee is charged for a reprinted diploma.

Incomplete Process Fee

Returning students have until June 30th  to complete their schedule, their Housing Contract, and their funding plan. Funding can be provided through either a $200 non-refundable prepayment, completed financial aid, or other verified sources. (A prepayment reduces the semester balance owed at registration, but is not refunded if the student chooses not to enroll.) The Incomplete Process Fee is charged if any of the three are not completed.

New/Reactivating students have until August 1st or December 1st, whichever applies, to submit their preregistration and housing forms, have their final high school/college transcripts received by the Admissions Office, and have their FAFSA completed.  If students do not complete a FAFSA and/or have aid pending of at least $200, they need to pay a $200 nonrefundable deposit for the semester. The Incomplete Process Fee is charged if any of the above are not completed.

Independent Study / CCCB Online Upcharge

Students registered for independent studies or CCCB online courses pay an hourly upcharge, unless they are paying tuition. Partnership online courses through Knowledge Elements have a higher charge than CCCB courses.

Late Registration

Students who start the registration process after 3:00 pm on the last day of registration are charged per credit enrolled for late registration.

LOGOS Bible Software Package

All new and transfer students must own a copy of LOGOS Bible Software: Bronze and LOGOS Academic Training, valued at $890. The license may be purchased in one payment or paid over two semesters. The library is deactivated with no refund for students who do not complete two semesters.

Orientation Fee

First-time students are charged for orientation services, which includes food & housing during orientation, materials necessary to complete the Saints Seminar course, recreational activities, and setup of personal devices on the campus network. It may be covered by the student's prepayment or financial aid.

Reactivation Fee

Students returning to Central after two or more consecutive semesters of non-enrollment are charged to re-establish their enrollment and scholarship. This fee is waived for reactivating online students, who pay tuition.

Semester Fees

The semester fees cover a wide range of student services for onsite students, including academic advising, financial aid services, library usage, limited printing, intercollegiate and intramural sports, college e-mail account, personal mailbox, expenses for student-led ministries, attendance at various banquets, student identification card, parking permit, admission to most College events, and computer lab access.

Residence Hall students are charged room & board to cover the cost of housing, utilities, laundry and 17 meals per week in the cafeteria. Students can choose a single-occupancy room for an additional fee if space is available.

Tuition Scholarship

Residential and commuter students have the cost of tuition applied to their bill. Those who qualify for the Full-Tuition Scholarship will receive a credit equal to the amount of tuition applied to their account to a maximum of 18.5 credits per semester. At registration, students must pay any remaining tuition charges due.

Online students pay $250 per credit and do not receive the Full-Tuition Scholarship.