What Others Are Saying

“This institution has literally trained people to send all over the world.” ~Salonique Adolphe, Class of 2001
“Central has been a big part of our family. The Legacy began with my dad, Rodney. Since then nine family members have attended. Tim met and married Georgia and I met and married Patsy, while there.” ~Jim Randall, Class of 1966 Jim & Patsy with grand-daughter Raven who is currently a student and Lady Saints basketball player.
“My grandpa (Glen) went to Central back in the early 60’s. He had an impact on my father and with me as well. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for their legacy which laid the foundation for me to have an impact on this world for Jesus Christ.” ~Dillan Mitchell, current student “Central is having a greater impact than we realize.” ~Sara Mitchell Semenick, Class of 2002, with son Lukas
“We loved our time at Central and are already encouraging our daughter to go to Bible college (she’s in elementary school!). It’s so important to equip the upcoming generation with the Bible knowledge they need to live in and minister to a world that is becoming more and more intolerant to Jesus.” ~Allen & Chrissy Schofield, Class of 1994, with their daughter Lilly.
“CCCB poured so much into my life that I realize how much of an impact a ministry training institution can have. CCCB is a great place to grow and to learn. Students grow through the process of loving a lost world and loving the people of God. They grow by learning God’s Word and learning about leading by God’s Word. That is why I love teaching at CCCB.There are few institutions in which relationships between the donors and the institution are more important than between CCCB and her donors. The support of our donors allows us to connect with capable, qualified, and called students.” ~Dr. Eric Stevens, Class of 1984 &  Professor of New Testament “Growing up, I never worried about where I was going to college because I already knew. There really wasn’t a ‘plan B’ for me. I wanted to go to Central. My brother and sister attended before me, and I was able to get to know the place through them. I was sitting in a Schantz class when I was only three years old. No, I didn’t take any notes, and even though I don’t remember that day in particular, there were many other days when I visited and it felt like home to me. The full-tuition scholarship made it affordable, and made it possible for me to go and study the Word of God (surrounded and taught by Godly men and women). At Central, I was able to polish my abilities in the field of Music Ministry. I will never forget the people I’ve been blessed with knowing during those four years who encouraged and helped mold me into who I am today. I thank everyone, especially God, for making it possible.” ~Sarah Fifer, Class of 2011
“I believed in the mission of Central before I enrolled in 1976. I wanted my life to make a difference for Christ. I chose Central because it offered a conservative Biblical education. As a student, I worked for Elva Snyder, who ran the Printing Department as well as the women’s dorm. I met Elaine Cantril, who also worked for ‘mom’ Elva, and eventually married her. Central provided the foundation of knowledge and skills that helped us serve in ministry. Elaine and I began supporting Central financially while students. We have continued because Central continues to impact lives for Christ, even as it did ours. The full-tuition scholarship is so exciting, because it makes a quality Bible college education accessible to more students. I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors for the college. I am committed to making it the preferred choice for students seeking a Biblical education. I chose Central, and I want more people to choose it as well.” ~Elmer and Elaine Fuller, Class of 1980