The Full-Tuition Scholarship

Each semester, Central will have 100 open Full-Tuition Scholarships available to new or transferring students who have been admitted into a degree or certificate program and attend classes on our Moberly campus. This scholarship will equal the cost of tuition up to 18.5 hours of study per semester. Students who do not receive a Full-Tuition Scholarship will receive a Central Scholarship equivalent to 80% of their tuition up to 18.5 hours of study per semester. If, after one semester, a student has met Academic, Christian Service, and Chapel expectations, the student will receive a Full-Tuition scholarship for the second semester. Central Christian College may also award a Full-Tuition Scholarship to additional students in certain circumstances.   The scholarship is not available to students who are enrolled in one of Central’s online programs.

 This scholarship drastically reduces the cost of attending college and provides students the opportunity to graduate without the burden of educational debt.  The amount of the tuition scholarship is determined by the following guidelines:

  • The amount of tuition scholarship received will cover the full cost of up to 18.5 credit hours a semester.
  • The student must meet Central’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policies.        
  • Any part-time prospective student may take one course for two semesters at a nominal fee without paying tuition.
  • Paid staff members of a congregation and their spouses who are already college graduates may take one course per semester at no charge for continuing education with proper documentation from the church’s leadership.

The presence of outside scholarships or grants does not reduce the full-scholarship amount. Central’s scholarship(s) will be credited to the student’s account who meets all eligibility and maintenance requirements.  The full-tuition scholarship may consist of restricted internal scholarships awarded by Central based upon the qualifications, need, and GPA of the recipient student.

Scholarship Reductions

A student’s Full-Tuition Scholarship may be reduced if the student fails to meet any of the following criteria:

  • A scholarship student is expected to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as detailed here.  A student who fails to maintain SAP may lose some or all internal aid.
  • A scholarship student is required to complete at least 80% of the expected Christian Service Hours in a semester.  Failure to complete these hours by the end of the semester will result in a reduction of the tuition scholarship to 80% for the next semester.
  • A scholarship student is expected to attend at least 80% of the required chapel services in a semester.  Failure to attend these services in person or through approved alternatives will result in a reduction of the tuition scholarship to 80% for the next semester.

For more information about the Chapel & Christian Service requirements of the Full-Tuition Scholarship, please click here.