Central Unveils New Academic Scholarships

Affordability has been a historic value at Central Christian College of the Bible. Since its inception in 1957, college costs have been continually reduced through faithful donors, committed alumni, and visionary stewardship. Twelve years ago, Central began offering a Full Tuition Scholarship. This scholarship has allowed students, who meet our general acceptance criteria, access to affordable education. In line with our historic value and efforts to make rigorous biblical education affordable, Central is pleased to announce new Academic Scholarships! The new Academic Scholarships are being offered from the Honors Program. The following details will help you to understand what the Academic Scholarships entail and how you can apply for acceptance.

Academic Scholarship Details

We are excited to let you know that we are now able to offer new scholarships for high academic achieving students! We will offer 16 new scholarships this year with an application requirement of a 25 ACT and a 3.5 HS GPA. The details for the tiers of the scholarships are as follows:

President's Scholarship (one awarded per year)

$4,500 per semester X 8 semesters = $40,000. This scholarship will cover all your expenses for each semester.

Chancellor's Scholarship (up to two awarded per year)

$2,000 per semester X 8 semesters = $16,000

Director's Scholarship (up to three awarded per year)

$1,000 per semester X 8 semesters = $8,000

Dean's Scholarship (up to ten awarded per year)

$500 per semester X 8 semesters = $4,000

All scholarships include 3 valuable benefits: 1) the Full Tuition Scholarship (up to $4800 X 8 semesters = $38,400), 2) a complimentary Logos Bible software package (valued at over $800), and 3) a 50% discount on textbooks at Central's Bookstore each semester! The awarded scholarship monies are applied to room, board, and student fees.

Full Tuition Scholarship

The interplay of the Full Tuition Scholarship (awarded to each student who meets our general acceptance criteria) and the Academic Scholarship (awarded from the Honors Program) follows. Central will continue to fund the Full Tuition Scholarship for each student who meets our general acceptance. The Academic Scholarships are awarded from the Honors Program and are in addition to the Full Tuition Scholarship. Therefore, an applicant must apply to and be accepted by Central to qualify for the Full Tuition Scholarship (cccb.edu/applynow). Next, an applicant must apply to and be accepted by the Honors Program to qualify for the Academic Scholarships (cccb.edu/honors).

Additional Value

Your desire for rigorous biblical education begins with the application at Central. This application is located at cccb.edu/applynow. Currently, we are waiving the $50 application fee until April 1st! Your immediate application will save you money whether you desire to continue with the Honors Program/Academic Scholarships application or not. Apply soon even if you decide to not apply for the scholarships to take advantage of this opportunity.

Benefits of the program

Recent graduates have received full or partial scholarships at numerous graduate schools: Cincinnati Christian University, Lincoln Christian University, and Wheaton College.

From the Director.

"Honors students who have gone on to graduate school have all received scholarships and most of them have received full scholarships." --Dr. Paul Axton, Honors Program Director

From a recent student.

"While the Honors program at Central may be assumed to be simply an added rigor to classes, or a title next to a degree, to give it this definition would be selling it very short. The Honors program at CCCB is something that will truly change your life. My experience with the Honors program brought my faith to life in ways that it had never been before, because it challenged me to think about what I really believed, and how those beliefs should be manifested in my life, the choices I make, and how I love other people. I encourage every student who is thinking about the Honors program to just DO IT - it is something I promise you, you will not regret. You can take my word for it!" --Caley Palmer, Class of 2012

From a Graduate School 

"Central Christian College Honors Program graduates have regularly been among the top graduate students at Lincoln Christian Seminary. They are biblically and theologically competent, culturally aware, and conversant with a wide body of serious literature from a variety of academic disciplines. CCCB Honors students also bring strong research and writing skills to the rigors of graduate education -- all with a deep commitment to Christ and His Church. I am honored to recommend this program that is truly a model of the best in Bible College preparation." --Dr. Robert Kurka, Graduate School Director, Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln, IL

From the President

"We believe in all of our students enough to provide Full Tuition Scholarships for their education. We also realize that some students have demonstrated themselves to be particularly worthy of additional recognition, due to the fact that they have great potential for helping our student body academically and succeeding at future studies. Therefore, we are pleased to provide additional scholarships to recognize their achievement and encourage them to choose Central for their educational needs." --Dr. David Fincher, Interim President

Apply to Central here: www.cccb.edu/apply

Apply by March 31st to be considered for one of these scholarships www.cccb.edu/academicscholarship