CCCB President Announced

Moberly, MO – Dr. David B. Fincher, Interim President and Executive Director of Advancement, has been named as President of Central Christian College of the Bible.  The announcement was made today by Gene McCoy, the Chairman of Central’s Board of Directors.

"The Board of Directors is pleased that Dr. Fincher has accepted the offer to serve the College as president. He is uniquely qualified to lead, for he possesses expertise in so many essential aspects related to successful leadership in higher education. His administrative experience in academics and finance, as well as his proficiency in technology and development make him a natural choice to lead our college. His grasp of educational trends and economic indicators will help Central Christian College prepare to meet the challenges and to capitalize upon opportunities that lie ahead. The board eagerly anticipates favorable results from Dr. Fincher's insightful and innovative leadership," commented Gene McCoy, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Fincher has been serving as Interim President since October 4, 2013, and will assume the role of President immediately.  

During an employee meeting Monday morning, Dr. Fincher stated the following:

“Through the years, my roles at Central have allowed me to experience partnership with the faculty and staff.  As President, I look forward to working with every employee and department to help the College navigate our future needs for enrollment, income, and campus operations.  I will continue to explore partnership opportunities with our alumni, churches, or any ministry organization with compatible values that desires to work with us.”

David has been on the staff at Central since 1996 when he joined the faculty.  He taught for 5 years and developed and taught 12 different courses.  In addition, he served as the college’s Information Technology Director.  He was named the Academic Dean/Vice President of Academics in 2001 and served in that capacity for 12 years.  

Dr. Fincher is a graduate of Central Christian College of the Bible and was a member of the Class of 1993.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology with a double minor in Bible and Music.  He completed a Master of Arts in New Testament from Lincoln Christian Seminary in 1996.  David’s research project was on James Dunn’s New Perspective on Paul.  He later pursued a Doctor of Philosophy in Communication from University of Missouri-Columbia and graduated in 2003.  He served as a teaching assistant in the communication department in courses such as Public Speaking, Business & Professional Communication, and Issues in Communication.  His program emphasis was on Rhetoric with a secondary emphasis in English Composition.  His dissertation analyzed persuasive strategies in fundraising letters of Bible Colleges.  He also completed independent research projects on communication ethics and image repair strategies.

As the 7th president in Central’s history, Dr. Fincher succeeds Dr. Ron Oakes, who served as President from 2006-2013.  In addition to Dr. Oakes, former presidents include John W. Hall (1957-1959), Grayson Ensign (1959-1966), Walter “Jack” Spratt (1966-1972), Lloyd M. Pelfrey (1972-1998), and Dr. Russell James III (2000-2005).  

David and his wife Sandy have three children, Adam (age 18), Anna (age 15) and Alex (age 13).  

Central Christian College of the Bible was founded in 1957.  It is a non-denominational theological college that offers undergraduate degrees and certificates in Bible and ministry.  The College is institutionally accredited by The Association for Biblical Higher Education, and is a candidate for accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission of the North-Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The College’s mission is to develop servant-leaders for the church.