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Connect with us on social media, checkout photos, updates, and get goodies to represent your Saints pride. We promote special events. We report emergencies. We announce research breakthroughs and sports victories. We share student accomplishments and academic opportunities. We broadcast lectures and ceremonies. We show beautiful photos of the people and places that make CCCB our favorite college.







How do I submit my photos to #cccbtorch gallery? Simply use the #cccbtorch hashtag to tag your photos and news on instagram, facebook, or twitter. It's good to note that on Facebook only public posts will appear in a hashtag feed. To make sure your Facebook post is public just click the icon on your post that looks like two people, and click it to bring a drop down, select the globe icon. In addition, posts that show up in a hashtag search are not in chronological order. Hashtags also do not appear as clickable links on mobile applications of Facebook and only status updates appear in a search, not comments. For example, if you want to share what God is doing in your ministry with us for @cccbedu, tag your photo #cccbtorch, then share it via instagram, twitter, or facebook. By participating in this and submitting your photo, you acknowledge and give your consent to CCCB that your photos and your name and likeness, and the name and likeness of anyone else shown in such photos may be featured on any of our landing pages, @cccbedu newsletter, and be used to link through to related topics on our website. You further agree that your photo will be considered a "Submissions" and that you grant the rights in Submissions (including "Personal Rights") as described in privacy policy.