Intramural Sports

CCCB Intramural Athletics provides opportunities to meet the physical and social needs and interests of students, faculty, and staff of Central Christian College of the Bible. CCCB Intramural Athletics supports the college’s commitment to integration of faith, learning, and living by encouraging participants to live out their Christian faith on the court or field, reflecting the character traits modeled by Jesus Christ.

Participation in intramural athletics is voluntary. Central Christian College of the Bible is not liable for injuries suffered by participants; therefore, all participants are advised to have proper medical insurance coverage before participating.

CCCB will provide most of the necessary equipment for each intramural activity. Some activities will require participants to provide their own equipment. Some activities may require participants to pay a fee to help cover the costs of the activity.

Information about each activity will be made available to students, staff and faculty throughout the course of each school year. For additional information, contact CCCB Director of Athletic, Jack Defreitas, at