May 2014 Focused Classes


 Brrr!  Is anybody dreaming of summer right now?  Are you trying to find your above-zero-degrees-Fahrenheit happy place?  Just think of it: sunshine, WARM air, birds singing in the trees, April Showers and May flowers and Focused Classes?   Wait, Focused Classes?  That’s right!  May Focused Classes may be just what you need!  


A May Focused Class is a two-week class in which you can earn three hours of credit.  These classes run from May 12-23; they start at 8amand end at 12noon every weekday of those two weeks.  The classes offered this May are:  Acts (with Reese), OT Prophets (Summa), Early Church History (Koffarnus), and Romans (Stevens).    


The deadline to register for a May Focused Class is May 8th.  Focused Classes cost $300, and you may stay in the dorm for an additional $195.  Whether you want to catch up in your studies, get ahead, or simply prolong your studies this spring, it's time to start dreaming about May!

Questions? Please see Faith Axton or Eric Stevens.