Disabilities accommodation

Central will comply with the provisions of Title III of Americans with Disabilities Act as a public accommodation, and will provide reasonable accommodation to persons otherwise qualified who follow the College’s ADA procedures, inasmuch as the reasonable accommodation does not constitute an undue burden or fundamental alteration for the College.  A person with a disability is someone who has a physical or mental impairment, has a record of such impairment, and/or is regarded as having such impairment. A student is considered a qualified student with a disability if he or she can meet all standards and perform all functions required for admission, participation, and continuation in Central’s programs and activities.

The College will make any appropriate and reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities to ensure accessibility to academic activities (courses and examinations) and nonacademic activities (admissions and recruitment, admission to programs, academic adjustments, housing, financial assistance, and counseling). Students desiring help with a disability must notify the academic office of the disability, provide current and comprehensive documentation concerning the nature and extent of the disability, and articulate their needs for the disabilities service provided on campus.

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