Student Standards

We hold ourselves to a high standard here at Central.

The goal is to develop a culture that goes above and beyond expectations and lives without a shadow or hint of reproach.

For this reason we hold all students to the following standards during enrollment at Central:

  • No alcohol or drug consumption
  • No R rated movies or M rated video games
  • No frequenting a bar even if there is no alcohol consumption
  • Staying over or living at a house of a boyfriend or girlfriend is not allowed
  • PDA is to be purely sweet and minimal
  • No one is to be out past curfew (12 on weekdays) unless they have a Late Night Pass
  • Modesty is to be maintained according to the set Modesty Guidelines
  • For men, no hats are to be worn in class
  • We request any tattoo with unsavory content to be concealed
  • No nose rings or gauges
Modesty Guidelines

For the Ladies we request the following:

  • No spaghetti straps
  • No bra straps showing (you may wear a tank top if your bra straps don’t show)
  • Nothing too skin tight (this includes leggings / spandex)
  • No cleavage revealing clothing
  • Skirts and dresses should be no higher than a dollar bill above the knee
  • When your arms are at your side, your shorts should not be shorter than your fingertips
  • No shirts with unsavory or inflammatory content

For the Men we request the following:

  • No deeply cut tank tops
  • No hats in class
  • No underwear showing
  • No shirts with unsavory or inflammatory content
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