8 Entrance Counseling

You are fulfilling one of the requirements needed to complete your Stafford Direct Loan application to borrow money in order to help pay for your educational expenses while attending CCCB.  In order to do this, the Department of Education requires that you go through  Entrance LoanCounseling  to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a borrower of a Federal Student Loan.  Every student at Central, who is applying for a loan for the first time, must go through Entrance Counseling.

Central’s Financial Aid Department will monitor your debt load while you are a student at Central.  We will try to help you make wise decisions and in keeping with Department of Education regulations.  If you at any time have any questions concerning your loan, the Financial Aid Office would be happy to discuss the matter with you.

The average student who graduates from Central Christian College of the Bible, who also has student loan debt, graduates with $18,301 worth of debt.  On a standard 10 year repayment plan, at the current 6.8% annual interest rate, the estimated minimum payment would be $211 a month.

Here are some examples of repayment amounts based on Central’s 2016 graduates’ average debt of $18,301.  There are more repayment plans than those listed below.  This is just a sampling of the payments amounts.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office for a complete listing or contact your lender/loan servicer to discuss your options with them.

Plan Payment Total Loan Amount Total Interest Paid
Standard –
10- Years
$211 $18,301 $6,972
10-year Graduated $121 – $364
Payment increases every 2 years
$27,195 $8,894

As you go through the Entrance Counseling, please make note of any questions you might have and I will be happy to answer them for you.  You may contact me at (660) 263-3900 x121 orrhondadunham@cccb.edu or you may always stop by my office in Pelfrey Hall, in the Business Suite, to discuss your concerns.

Please note that at Central Christian College, if you do not maintain at least 1/2 time enrollment of 6 hours, you will no longer qualify for student loans.  Additionally, if you fall below 1/2 time, you will begin your grace period and the Financial Aid Office will report your enrollment status to NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System) on a rolling basis.  You will then be contacted by your lender/loan servicer regarding repayment information.

If you, as a Stafford Direct Loan borrower, graduate or withdraw from Central, you must go through anExit Counseling process as mandated by the Department of Education.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office to schedule this session.  Regular Exit Counseling sessions will be scheduled at the end of each semester to allow students who will not be returning to fulfill this requirement.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

To begin the withdrawal process from school at anytime during a semester, you must first speak with someone in Student Development.  That office is located on 2nd floor of Pelfrey Hall in the Student Development Suite.  They will then help you schedule the appointments you must make, including the Registrar’s Office, the Financial Aid Office, and the Business Office,  to complete the withdrawal process.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Entrance Counseling. And remember, the Financial Aid Office is here to help you.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this process.

Rhonda Dunham
Financial Aid Director
Central Christian College of the Bible
660-263-3900, ext 121

You may now continue to Studentloans.gov  to do your Direct Loan Stafford Entrance Counseling.  Please sign in using the same FSA User ID and Password you used for your FAFSA and follow the links.  Please choose the Subsided and Unsubsidized Entrance Counseling.

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