More Discipleship

We are a Bible school, pure and simple.

It is central to everything we do: what we teach, who we are, and how we train you. We believe that to be devoted is to be successful; to be faithful is to be thriving. Rich discipleship is rooted deeply into the fabric of Central.

  1. Bible. We do not separate our passions, our work, and our discipleship. Here all our courses are integrated and saturated with the inspired Word of God and its practical application. We believe the Bible is relevant to every part of our lives. That is how we teach, how we live.
  2. Mentors. Our Professors really profess. Their passion for Christ is central to how they teach. Not only will you receive the benefit of their years of experience and knowledge, but since our student Professor ratio is 12:1 you will get a chance to walk and live it out together like the disciples of old.
  3. Experience. Learning and doing are not separate. We make sure you get hours of hands on experience in what you love. Our internship and field training plug you into local churches and ministries. When you walk out of here you are not walking out with a piece of paper but with veteran experience.

We know that you will find MORE DISCIPLESHIP at Central.

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