Christian Service

Central encourages her students to use their various talents in some form of ministry or service. Our goals include encouraging every student to be actively involved in service to the Lord’s kingdom while enrolled at Central and our graduates continuing to serve Christ in ministry after leaving college.

Every student receiving the Full-Tuition Scholarship is required to participate in a Christian Service project for an average of two hours per week (30 hours per semester). This participation is monitored by the financial aid department. Failure to report at least 8 hours for each block will result in a reduction of 20% of the tuition scholarship for the next semester attended.


You have a wide variety of service opportunities to choose from. Keep in mind that Christian Service includes both volunteer and paid ministry, so it is possible to earn money for school while completing your service requirements. Any compensation is between the student and the church or organization. The college does not negotiate pay or expense reimbursement for its students.

Eligible service includes ministry done through the local church, through the college, and through community service organizations. The Director of Student Services is available to assist students in finding meaningful service opportunities. Some examples of Christian Service might include the following:

Through the Local Church/Community:
  • Preaching minister/Supply preaching
  • Associate/Youth minister/Youth sponsor/Music minister/Worship leader
  • Elder/Deacon/Bible School teacher/Church Secretary
  • Hospital visitation/Nursing home ministry
  • Campus ministry/Prison ministry
  • Public & Private Schools/Tutoring services
  • Missions Organizations/Committees/Forwarding Agents/church mission trips and/or teams
Through CCCB:
  • Officially Recognized StuCo Student-led Ministry Groups/Other Student-led groups approved by the Director of Student Services
  • College Department Groups (Business, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Academics, Student Development, Events, Athletics)
  • Ensembles/Outreach teams/Chapel activities
  • Tutors/Resident Assistants/StuCo members
  • Other College Employees (student workers may use 1/2 of their paid hours towards Christian Service hours).
  • Student Athletes/Managers (student athletes/managers may use their participation in that sport only in the block in which the sport is actually being played – practice does not count)


Students are expected to report ten (10) Christian Service Hours for each block. Failure to report at least 8 hours for each block will result in a reduction of 20% of the tuition scholarship for the next semester attended. Extra hours may be reported but will not carry over into the next block. Deficient hours cannot be made up without approval from the financial aid office for an extenuating circumstance.

Christian Service hours may be completed an hour or two at a time or in a block of hours for each reporting period. For example:

John completes his Christian Service Hours at Timber Lake Christian Church working with the Wednesday night program. He logs 2 hours every week for this service opportunity. John keeps track of these hours for 5 weeks and at the end of the reporting period reports he has completed 10 hours and reports them on the website.

Sarah decides to help at the College’s Snow Days event and serves 10 hours during a weekend. At the end of the reporting period she reports she has completed her 10 hours of service on the website.

Students are to report their Christian Service Hours only one (1) time for each block of time. This means that each student is responsible for tracking their own hours of Christian Service. A reminder to report your hours will be sent out towards the end of each block of hours. It will be the student’s responsibility to report the hours.

Once a block is completed, students will be able to view their Christian Service Hours on their Student Portal site. Any discrepancies with the records may be corrected by contacting Jessi Harper.

Reporting Blocks
  1. January 20 – February 21
    • Report February 21 – February 28
  2. February 22 – March 27
    • Report March 27 – April 3
  3. March 28 – May 8
    • Report May 8 – May 13
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