Dorm Life

College isn’t just about classrooms, homework, and exams.

The time you spend in the residence halls will be one of the most significant and unique aspects of your college experience.

Spurling Hall
Newly renovated, this ladies’ dormitory has a charming lounge, laundry facilities, an apartment for the dorm parents, and room to house 108 ladies’ clothes, with plenty of room to spare for the girls themselves. It also has a long history of dispute with the ladies’ dorm in Foundation Hall as to which is better. Come and decide for yourself!


Foundation Hall
The newest of the dormitories, Foundation Hall was completed in 2004 and comfortably houses 153 students. With separate entrances and lobbies, this dorm accommodates both genders while keeping the sweat and socks smell on one side and the perfume on the other. Amenities include laundry, tvs and couches, with a newly painted mural by one of our own students!


Lang Hall
Recently expanded, this men’s dormitory can comfortably handle the rough and tumble of 147 men. It contains vigorous laundry facilities to handle the sweat load, and a rustic, old-time-diner style lounge so they can continue eating in comfort throughout the day.

Student Standards

We hold ourselves to a high standard here at Central. The goal is to develop a culture that goes above and beyond expectations and lives without a shadow or hint of reproach. For this reason we hold to the following standards during enrollment at Central:

  • No alcohol or drug consumption
  • No R rated movies or M rated video games
  • No frequenting a bar even if there is no alcohol consumption
  • Staying over or living at a house of a boyfriend or girlfriend is not allowed
  • PDA is to be purely sweet and minimal
  • No one is to be out past curfew (12 on weekdays) unless they have a Late Night Pass
  • Modesty is to be maintained according to the set Modesty Guidelines
  • Long pants are to be worn in class
  • For men, no hats are to be worn in class
  • We request any tattoo with unsavory content to be concealed
  • No nose rings or gauges
Campus Map

Men’s Residence Director

(660) 263-3900 EXT 166

Women’s Residence Director

(660) 263-3900 EXT 165
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