Honors Program

Join an elite group of scholars in a high intensity search to uncover truth.

Dive deeply into the Bible, and discover the theology and philosophies that have shaped our understanding of it throughout the ages. Uncover the timeless truth of the inspired, and authoritative Word of God and gain lasting friendships in this tight knit group of intellectual adventurers. You’ll get the chance to travel the country to thought shaping conferences. You’ll delve beyond the surface to the meat of theology and the understanding of truth. And you’ll get a chance to branch out on your own through a guided independent study with a closing presentation to your fellow students. Challenge yourself with curiosity and honor the Word with your diligence. Become a Honor Student today!

Course of Study

The Honors Program can be completed as apart of any four year degree and is designed to give you the opportunity to pursue in-depth study. This study will take three forms:

  1. Honors Courses
    This includes: Basic Biblical Theology, Philosophy, Worldview and Ethics, and Advanced Biblical Theology
  2. An Honors Theology Seminar
    Students complete a sequence of supplemental work in seminar form, sharing their results with one another. The seminar is designed as the final classroom work prior to the capstone project.
  3. A Capstone Research Project
    This allows students to explore a Biblical or theological topic under the supervision of the Honors Program Director. The project includes a 30 page paper and 20 resources, with a presentation of the research at a honors program colloquium.


  • You are a candidate for an Academic Scholarship ($500 – $4,500)
  • 50% off of textbooks
  • Free Logos Software
  • Planned field trip opportunities to enriching academic conferences
  • Colloquia: research presented by guest speakers, professors and honor students
  • Capstone Project: guided independent study project
  • Mentoring through close interaction with professors
  • Limited class size
  • Academic leadership opportunities for Juniors and Seniors as paid or volunteer student tutors
  • Honors Program roommate
  • The Honors Program is designated on official transcripts and diplomas
Eligibility & Requirements
  • 3.5 GPA
  • score 25 or higher on the ACT
  • a highschool teacher or college professor recommendation

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, email Rocky Christensen, Honors Program Director at  honors@cccb.edu.

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