Honors Colloquium Archive

Date Presenter Topic
02-25-2014 Dr. Chris Simpson “Merleau-Ponty Theology”
2013 Heather Walton “Discipleship Counseling”
10-09-2012 Lena Wood “Occult Mysticism in the Church”
05-04-2012 Frank Dugan “Jesus as Scapegoat? -The Church as the Space of Atonement”
05-04-2012 Caley Palmer “Forgiving as We Have Been Forgiven: The Practice of Restorative Justice and the Ministry of Reconciliation”
02-16-2012 Dr. Robert Kurka “Why Christians Should Care about Bioethics”
09-08-2011 Dr. David Fincher James Dunn and the new perspective on Paul
05-05-2011 Josh Bennett “Paul’s Riddle of the Law”
04-14-2011 Beret Ryggs “Peace as Salvation”
03-31-2011 Tony Boes “Their Glory is Their Shame”
02-17-2011 Dr. John Castelein Greek Philosophy and Roman Catholicism
11-11-2010 Darryl Ammon The Church as the building of God
10-21-2010 Tom Evans A History of Pacifism in the Restoration Movement
09-17-2010 Ben Williams Controversy of Women in Leadership
05-11-2010 Brian Hallstrom Research on Wittgenstein
04-22-2010 Gareth Reese Justification
03-19-2010 Jon Ralls Morality and Missions
02-25-2010 Ryan Hemmer Technology and Ethics
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