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Summary of Position

This is a full time position.  The Family Minister is called to oversee and assist in providing cohesive learning and social opportunities for the spiritual growth and development of the families of the children and youth of our congregation.  He must always be an example of Christ-like character and conduct.  The Family Ministry is the advocate for the generations of the church and will promote structures and an atmosphere of the church that will ensure the family of God is working together to make disciples of the next generations. He is first an advocate for the young, because these are the people who are generally the least knowledgeable and least experienced in the Christian walk. He is next an advocate and mentor for the parent of these young people, because parents are in the greatest position to influence the young. He is third concerned in helping other mature Christian church members actively disciple and mentor our young people and other members who are in the earlier stages of their Christian growth.

Areas of responsibility

The Family Minister will oversee discipleship approaches and practices for children from cradle thru high school and for their parents. He will work closely with the adult discipleship leaders (elders, deacons, and other volunteers) to ensure that parents are prepared and committed to lead their children in daily discipleship and to ensure that young people have dedicated spiritual mentors when their parents cannot or chose not to be the model.


Church-Based Ministries

Works with the Elders and other members of the congregation to develop and sustain our Family Ministry vision.
Oversees ministries to children and youth. Regularly evaluates all related programs and activities to ensure they are leading to Christian connection, commitment and maturity.
Ensures that the curriculum used at each level of spiritual develop is biblical and connects to the next level.
Regularly reminds and encourages ministry leaders (elders/deacons) and other volunteer mentors to connect regularly and effectively with parents and children so parents experience a clear partnership in the discipleship of their children.

Inter-generational Connections

Encourages deep inter-generational relationships and gatherings to help the young and all generations recognize how God is working in the whole family of God.
Works with the senior minister and other ministry teams to ensure that there are opportunities for all generations to worship, learn and serve together.
Equipping and Encouraging Parents, Leaders and Volunteers

Works with church leaders and other mature Christians in the congregation to make sure there is a clear link between what children and youth are learning in their programs and what adults are learning in theirs.
Guides ministry leaders in selecting or developing a curriculum that is cohesive from birth to adulthood and that helps parents complement biblical learning in the church with biblical home learning.
Develops channels and resources that better enable parents to be effective spiritual leaders and mentors in their homes.
Develops and implements a plan for on-going parent training and encouragement.
Oversees training for parents that helps them understand their role and responsibilities as parents from a biblical perspective.
Coaches parents and children privately on specific issues in their family.
Supports parents as they work toward and through the milestones established for children and youth.
Actively recruits and works with volunteers who support Family Ministry’s educational programs
In collaboration and cooperation with the Children’s Ministry Team and Youth Ministry Team, provides class curriculum and material.
Ensures all volunteers are mentored and supported as needed and that they fully understand the importance of their commitment and reliability.
Actively participates in the community (local schools, participating in youth groups from other churches to encourage community wide youth gathering, community church activities, and more to model community involvement to the children, youth and parents







Fully understands and supports the doctrine of our church and is a baptized (immersed) believer.
Effectively engages with and provides Christian nurturing to youth/children.
Encourages congregational commitment to our young people and fosters volunteerism for youth/children’s ministries.
Able to research, plan, organize and build a comprehensive set of programs and activities for our youth/children.
Effectively administrates, adjusts and improves this set of programs and activities for our young people that focuses on their spiritual growth and a sense of Christian community with people of all ages throughout our congregation.
Appropriately adjusts to societal changes without compromising the Christian doctrine.
Able to facilitate the children’s ministry team and the youth ministry team.
Has well-developed communication abilities including strong empathetic listening skills. Is able to clearly articulate and promote new concepts and proposed adjustments.
Shows respect for and adheres to decisions of the Senior Minister and Board of Elders.
Participation in local youth community worship, camp, Statewide and community service activities.
Preferably has a bachelors degree in a relevant field of ministry.
Preferably has at least 5 years of experience in Family Ministry or a closely related field. Also has teaching/mentoring experience with both children and youth.
Must pass a full background, reference, and past employment check.
Along with other baptized members of his immediate family, will place his membership with Central Christian Church of Battle Creek.



Matters of the Heart

Shows a deep commitment to Christ
Has a heart for young people and for ministry to the young
Demonstrates an attitude of humility with everyone in his daily living
Warm and approachable
Readily willing to help other staff and members of the church wherever needed
Note:  We ask that only candidates who are fully committed to Christ and to Family Ministry and have the necessary skills, energy, and desire to succeed apply.  Our congregation believes in loving, fully supporting and working with our ministers and our secretary as valued members of our Christian family.  We want to ensure that we are selecting an individual for this position who has been led to us by God and is fully capable of leading this ministry and devoted to our children.







Essay Questions

1.) How do you attend to engage the children/youth to keep them anchored with the church? How do you plan to draw area youth in? I.e., community outreach, special activities, etc.


2.) How were you called to this ministry? What do you believe the purpose is? Why are you focusing on children and family ministry?


3.) Describe a time you had a conflict within a church (parent, elder, volunteer, etc.). How did you resolve it?


4.) How did you come to Christ?


5.) What are your financial expectations/needs?



Please send completed essay questions and resume to:
Central Christian Church
Attn: Family Minister Search

713 Riverside Drive

Battle Creek, MI 49015

OR email to:


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