My Journey To Central: Lucas Reynolds

lucasreynoldsHow did you learn about Central?

I have known about CCCB for about as long as I have been alive! My parents are alumni from here and they spoke highly of it!

Why did you choose Central?

I chose CCCB for three reasons.

1. I loved the affordability of the college.

2. I already knew many of the students and faculty who go/work here, and I felt a genuine love from them.

3. Ultimately I chose CCCB because I wanted to learn more about God in an environment where I would be able to grow and use the Bible more effectively.

What is your major?

Right now I am in the Youth and Family major.

What are you currently planning to do after college?

After college I plan to find a job working for a church and see where God takes me from there!

About my family:

My parents graduated from CCCB in ‘94. Both my parents and my Grandparents have attended CCCB, so it only felt right that I attend! I have four younger brothers and sisters. My father has been a preacher at two churches in my life, one in Burnside, IL, and currently in Eldon, MO!

Are you involved with a ministry at CCCB? At Home?

At CCCB I have been engaged at a local church by helping with their Jr. high Sunday and Wednesday services. At home is fun! I get to give back to my community through helping at my home church.

Summer plans?

This summer I am going out with 3 other students to tour the Midwest on camp teams! We will be traveling to about 10 camps, so I would appreciate your prayers!


Central has been a huge blessing for me this year. What CCCB does best is lead people to Jesus.  I have seen myself grow spiritually so much this year, and it’s only my freshman year! I know that the future is not going to be one that is easy, especially growing up in a world where Christianity is becoming more and more persecuted, but I believe that God is using CCCB to ready me for whatever it is that He has planned for me!

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