Rocky ChristensenExecutive Director of Admissions / Men's Residence Director / Honors Program Director

Educational Experience
PhD, (Higher Education) Education Leadership & Policy Analysis, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, August 2013 – Present
Master of Arts, (Apologetics) School of Arts and Sciences, BIOLA University, La Mirada, CA, May 2010 Graduated with High Honors
Graduate Certificate, (Higher and Continueing Education Administration) Education Leadership & Policy Analysis, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, May 2013
Graduate Certificate, (Clinical Bioethics) School of Biomedical Sciences, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, December 2009
Bachelor of Theology, (New Testament) Ozark Christian College, Joplin, MO, May 2007
Bachelor of Biblical Studies, (General Studies) Ozark Christian College, Joplin, MO, May 2007

Non Profit Organization Administration

Executive Committee Participant (October 2013-Present) Pursue Christian Teen Convention, Harrisburg, PA.
Served as a participant in the Executive meetings to help shape the overall mission and theme and provide input on budget expenditures and future changes to the event. Responsible for working with the Executive Committee to carry their vision into the role of the stage host. Served as a connecting point with the music team and the main speaker to ensure smooth transitions and communication of theme and vision established by the Executive Committee. Responsible for budget oversight for stage elements that were needed.

Committee Youth Chair (September 2012-May 2014) Missouri Christian Convention, Osage Beach, MO.
Responsible for overseeing all vision, planning, and budget necessary for the Missouri Christian Teen Convention. Responsible for determining the band, main speaker, and workshop leaders as well as all accommodation negotiation for the venue. Served on a design team which meets five times a year to accomplish other large scale event vision casting and budget needs.

Design Committee Member (April 2010-Present) Pursue Christian Teen Convention, Harrisburg, PA.
Responsible for assessing the previous event to determine what elements should be changed or added to have a better connection to the students who were at the event. Served as a voice to provide ideas and opinions to help shape the vision for the upcoming events and sustainability for the convention in years to come. All elements of the event are broken down once a year over two days to allow enough time to look at every aspect including past years budgets and the upcoming budgets.

Speaking Presentations
Christensen, R.P. (2013) Strengths assessment: Equipping students to lead. Presentation to Pursue Christian Teen Convention, Harrisburg, PA.
Christensen, R.P. (2010) Reach into darkness: Student leadership as a lived principle. Presentation to Ohio Teens for Christ, Columbus, OH.
Christensen, R.P. (2010) Live your story: Challenging youth to take charge of their futures. Presentation to Indiana Christian Youth Convention, Anderson, IN.
Christensen, R.P. (2010) Leaving a legacy: Each individual has a responsibility. Presentation to Rendezvous Men’s Clinic, Honobia, OK.
Christensen, R.P. (2006) Gender empowerment: Male perception and how to be more than just an image. Presentation to Mothers and Daughters Convention, Mena, AR.

Keynote Addresses
Christensen, R.P. (2013) Commencement address: How to manifest and live out your unique vision. Keynote Address to Harvester Christian Church Youth, St. Charles, MO.
Christensen R.P. (2010) It takes a community: Inspiring your peers with a shared vision. Keynote Address to Snow Day the Event, Moberly MO.
Christensen, R.P. (2009) Pain and Suffering: An Epistemological and Metaphysical assessment. Keynote Address to Rendezvous Youth Camp, Honobia, OK.
Christensen, R.P. (2008) Courageous Living: Defining who we are and what holds us back. Keynote Address to Rendezvous Youth Camp, Honobia, OK.

Professional Associations

Ethics Committee Member (June 2010-April 2013)Mercy Hospital, Joplin, MO
As a member of the committee I was involved in the following three key areas: case consultation, policy revisions/review, and ethics education dissemination for the hospital at large. The committee was composed of individuals from the main areas of the hospital such as emergency, palliative care, pediatrics, and legal staff. The committee was overseen by the VP of Mission.

North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals (August 2012-Present)
This organization brings awareness to students about biblical higher education institutions through college fairs that take place nationwide. It targets mission minded students to connect them with colleges that have similar values. My participation in this organization has been at the fair participation level and this year at the professional development that is offered to participants.

Missouri Association for College Admissions Counseling (August 2011-Present)
This organization helps to keep admissions professionals up to date on current practices, helps to strengthen peer networks, and organizes fairs for prospective students. My participation in this organization has been at a representative level to strategically build the recruiting calendar with fairs that meet the recruiting criteria desired for participation.

Ministry Experience
Convention and Church Speaking: Various, 2010-2014
Senior Minister Duenweg Christian Church, Duenweg Christian Church: 2009
Preaching Intern, Harvester Christian Church: 2006.

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