About CCCB

Central Christian College of the Bible exists to develop servant-leaders for the church.

As a traditional undergraduate Bible college of the Restoration Movement, Central equips faithful men and women for leadership in the Kingdom of God both nationally and internationally.

Central seeks spiritually-minded students who actively participate in their local congregations, who have the intellectual ability to do college-level work, and who desire to become equipped with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to assume vocational and volunteer church leadership positions.

Central provides degrees and certificates that equip students with a Bible-centered higher educational foundation within the context of an intentional Christian worldview, and help students become productive, contributing members of communities in which they live.

Central seeks to graduate faithful servant-leaders distinguished by authentic Christian character who have the ability to communicate the Gospel effectively and become worldwide disciple-makers.


Authority Submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ and the inspired Word of God.
Heritage Continuing the legacy of the Restoration Movement and CCCB
Spirituality Developing true believers who become lifelong disciples
Ministry Preparing real leaders to advance the mission of the Church
Affordability Offering access to relevant and excellent Biblical higher education
Integrity Demonstrating Christian character through consistent ethical conduct