Honors Program

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Central provides a scholarly experience for students of high academic aptitude to pursue in-depth studies through specialized courses, personal research interests, and collegial relationships with professors and students. The program is open to incoming and returning students who qualify.

Course of Study

The Honors Program gives students in all majors the opportunity to pursue in-depth study. This work takes three forms: Honors Courses, an Honors Theology Seminar, and a Capstone Research Project. The Honors Program can be completed as part of a four year degree.

  • Honors Courses include alternate sections of philosophy and theology courses. Generally, students enroll in one honors course each semester.
  • In the Honors Theology Seminar students complete a sequence of supplemental work in seminar form, sharing their results with one another. The seminar is designed as the final classroom work prior to the capstone project.
  • The Capstone Research Project allows students to explore a Biblical or theological topic under the supervision of the Honors Program Director. Upon completion of the project, the student presents the research at an honors program colloquium.

Group Life

Honors Program students participate in shared experiences to build knowledge.  The following experiences are available for all honors students.

Honors Program - Mentoring


Qualifying for the Honors Program
Incoming freshmen and transfer students may apply if they meet the following qualifications:

  • Earn a high school GPA of 3.50 for freshmen or a college GPA of 3.50 for transfer students.
  • Earn a minimum composite score of 25 on the ACT or the SAT equivalent.
  • Have a recommendation from a high school teacher or a college professor for transfer students.

Current students may qualify to join the Honors Program if they have a 3.50 GPA with at least one year of study completed at Central.

Matt Welch"I cannot think of a better way to prepare for a future in ministry than by participating in Central Christian College of the Bible's Honors Program.  The Honors program has not only prepared me to excel in my graduate studies, but has also equipped me to navigate the theological landscape and lead in the churches.  If you want to engage the Scriptures at the deepest and most profound theological levels, then the Honors program is for you.  Do not pass up on what is guaranteed to be a life changing, Christocentric experience."

Matt Welch, Class of 2011


Caley Palmer"While the Honors Program at Central may be assumed to be simply an added rigor to classes or a title next to a degree, to give it this definition would be selling it short.  The Honors program at CCCB is something that will truly change your life.  My experience with the Honors program brought my faith to life in ways that it had never been before because it challenged me to think about what I really believed and how those beliefs should be manifested in my life, the choices I make, and how I love other people.  I encourage every student who is thinking about the Honors Program to just DO IT - it is something I promise you, you will not regret. You can take my word for it!"

Caley Palmer, Class of 2012

How to Apply 

After submitting the  CCCB Application, submit the  Honors Application.  

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, email Dr. Paul Axton, Honors Program Director at  honors@cccb.edu.