Core Learning Outcomes

Central Christian College of the Bible is committed to ensuring its graduates acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to function as educated individuals, responsible citizens, and life-long learners who communicate Biblical truth and lead the church. The program of study at Central Christian College revolves around three areas designed to equip students to understand and minister to the world.  The areas of Biblical Studies, General Studies, and Professional Studies are taught with a view toward the integration of each into an overall curriculum that defines and promotes a distinctively Christian worldview.

To these ends, the college pursues these core learning outcomes:

1.    Foundational Knowledge – the ability to identify and articulate the essential content of various academic disciplines.

2.    Analytical Thinking – the ability to analyze carefully and critically information and ideas from multiple sources and perspectives.

3.    Application of Knowledge – the ability to use information and concepts from studies in multiple disciplines in academic, personal, and ministry contexts. 

4.    Cultural and Social Understanding – the ability to recognize and appreciate one’s own cultural and social traditions as well as the ability to understand and appreciate cultural, religious, and political diversity within the human experience, both locally and globally.

5.    Effective Communication – the ability to make effective use of language and other symbolic systems essential to academic, personal, and ministry success.

6.    Ethical Decision-making – the ability to make judgments with respect to values and conduct and to evaluate the effects of these choices.

7.    Servant Leadership – the ability to understand and apply the principle that leadership emerges from those whose primary motivation is a deep desire to serve others.