Bible Certificates

Learn the Bible, Study Anywhere!

Students who want concentrated Bible and/or ministry training in a shorter program may choose an undergraduate ministry certificate from Central.  These certificates range from 16-32 credits, take one to four semesters to complete, and may be awarded separately or combined with a student’s degree.  Each certificate requires a Certificate Enrollment Fee. Gainful employment disclosures for Central’s ministry certificates can be found at

Discover the story of Scripture by exploring the Old Testament. Better understand the beginnings of the ministry of Christ and the origin of the church. Survey the theological foundations of the faith. Grasp the mindset and behavior of the world and see how the church has attempted to return to the authority of Scripture. Grow deeper in your own faith while learning how to share it with others.

Certificate of Biblical Knowledge

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The Certificate of Biblical Knowledge (CBK) introduces students to Biblical, spiritual, and theological issues necessary for basic servant-leadership in a church.  The 32-credit curriculum is designed to provide personal development as well as preparation to teach others. 

The CBK can be completed in one year of full-time study either online or in the traditional classroom.  The CBK is NOT eligible for Federal Student Aid.  Online students pay a reduced tuition amount.  Certificate credits may apply towards an associate or bachelor’s degree.  Other CCCB certificates build upon the CBK requirements.  

Certificate of Biblical Knowledge Goals

  1. Display knowledge of key Bible passages, characters, and events.
  2. Affirm and defend the truthfulness of the Bible and Christian faith.
  3. Discover the meaning and spiritual application of Biblical texts through the historical-grammatical method of interpretation.
  4. Identify the geographical, historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts of Biblical events and books.

Students who demonstrate English proficiency with an ACT English score of 23, completion of GCA151 (or equivalent), or an approved writing sample take GPS200 instead of GCA151. 

Online Costs

Courses are available at the Moberly campus or online. The first online course is Discovering the Bible. Utilizing a first-time student scholarship, it can be taken for $200. Each online course is 8 weeks long. The total cost for an online student to complete this certificate is approximately $6,000. (See cost details by clicking here.)

Course Requirements

This thirty-two hour program is the equivalent of one year at Bible college.


  1. All certificate courses may apply towards an associate or bachelor’s degree.
  2. Online students may qualify for financial aid if they have completed the admissions process and paid the Matriculation Fee for the Associate of Biblical Studies. The first two courses, Foundations of Christianity and Christian Discipleship, may be taken prior to completion of the admissions process.
  3. Local students may complete the required courses in one academic year.
  4. Online students may complete the requirements in one calendar year. Online students must first complete Orientation to Online Studies prior to enrolling in the first certificate course.

Further Opportunities

After completion of this certificate, several options for further education from Central are possible:

  • One more year of courses at Central may lead to an Associate of Science degree.
  • One more year of courses at Central may lead to a Bachelor of Religious Studies degree for students who have earned 60 hours of college credit elsewhere.
  • Three more years of courses at Central may lead to a Bachelor of Science or Arts degree.

Certificate of Bible & Ministry

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The Certificate of Bible & Ministry (CBM) allows online and international students to receive short-term training in Biblical, spiritual, and ministry matters that can be used for personal development and church leadership.  The 16-credit curriculum is designed to introduce students to Biblical higher education through a survey of Bible and ministry courses.

The CBM can be completed in one semester of full-time study in the traditional classroom or one year of part-time study online, taking one course at a time.  The CBM is NOT eligible for Federal Student Aid.  Online students pay a reduced tuition amount.  Certificate credits may apply towards an associate or bachelor’s degree.  Online students pay a reduced tuition amount.  Credits from the CBM may apply towards an associate or bachelor’s degree. 

The requirements of the CBM are to take any four of the Bible courses from the CBK, one ministry course, and Orientation to Online Studies.

For questions about the Bible Certificates, call 1-888-263-3900 or email