Old Testament Courses

BOT 101                              Survey of Pentateuch                                3 hours

Introduces the student to the first five books of the Old Testament.  Emphasis is given to creation, the development of fundamental doctrinal themes, biographical studies, the Levitical system, the origins of the nation of Israel, and cultural-archaeological backgrounds.  The Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch is assumed. (View Syllabus)

BOT 112 DL                        Old Testament Survey                               3 hours

An intermediate level survey of the background, contents and theology of the 39 books of the Old Testament.  Emphasis is placed on understanding how the Old Testament is understood in its own context and yet speaks to our contemporary situations as Christians. 

BOT 202                                  History of Israel                                    3 hours

Surveys the major events of the Old Testament, focusing primarily on the historical books Joshua-Esther. Related geographical and archaeological material is presented.  Issues involving general introduction and critical studies are discussed. (View syllabus)

BOT 331                               Israel After the Exile                                 3 hours

A study of the Biblical books which cover the time of the exile, the return to Jerusalem, and the reconstruction of the city and the Temple. A survey of the Intertestamental Period is made as time allows.   (View syllabus) 

BOT 342                              Old Testament Poetry                               3 hours

A study of the characteristics of Hebrew poetry is followed by an examination of poetic sections of the Pentateuch, the historical books, and then the books usually termed poetry (Job through the Song of Solomon), plus Lamentations. Practical applications and values for preaching and teaching are stressed.

BOT 345                                   Book of Psalms                                    3 hours

A general introduction to the book of Psalms, followed by a study of individual Psalms that stress the major themes of the book.

BOT 346                                     Book of Job                                       3 hours

A section-by-section study of the Book of Job with appropriate consideration of the introductory material.  This study brings the student knowledge of what mature faith looks like and a desire to produce that maturity in themselves and reproduce it in the church.  Special emphasis is on the problem of evil, the sovereignty of God, and theodicy.

BOT 349                             Proverbs & Ecclesiastes                              3 hours

A topical study of the wisdom literature of Solomon, focusing on the major themes in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.  Special emphasis is given to applying and communicating the truths to a contemporary audience.

BOT 361                            Old Testament Prophets                              3 hours

A study of most of the outstanding prophets of the Old Testament.  The backgrounds, the message or work, and the prophets themselves are considered.  Messianic content is also included.  (View syllabus)

BOT 365                                  Minor Prophets                                    3 hours

A study of most of the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament. The background, ministry, and message of each of the prophets are considered. Messianic interpretation principles are emphasized.          

BOT 366                                   Book of Isaiah                                     3 hours

An exegetical study of the eighth century prophet of Isaiah. Special emphasis is given to introductory materials (authorship and date), Messianic texts, devotional material, and preaching values.                  

BOT 367                                 Book of Jeremiah                                   3 hours

One of the most tragic periods of Hebrew history is studied through the life and message of Jeremiah of Anathoth.  Practical points of contemporary value are noted.   

BOT 369                                  Book of Ezekiel                                    3 hours

An exegetical study of the book of Ezekiel, analyzing the times in which the prophet ministered, the theological questions raised in the book, and the usage of the book for teaching and preaching.

BOT 395                   Readings in Old Testament Studies                     3 hours

Selected readings in Old Testament are assigned by the instructor.  A minimum of 1,000 pages of reading for each hour of credit and a final research paper or project are required.  Prior permission of instructor and Vice President of Academics is needed for enrollment.  With approval, a readings course may substitute for a required course.