Literature/Arts Courses

GCA 311                               Survey of Literature                                 3 hours

Increases interest in and appreciation of reading as a method of understanding world views, past and present, as well as to encourage reading as an enjoyable activity. Special emphasis is placed upon literature as a method of learning one’s own history and culture and as a vehicle for philosophical and religious thought. Attention is also given to the characteristics of enduring literature and to the Christian’s attitude toward non-Christian writers and literature.

GCA 320                             Literature of C.S. Lewis                              3 hours

Explores the following genre in the writings of C.S. Lewis: poetry, theology/philosophy, fantasy, children’s fiction, science fiction, and autobiography.  The class balances lecture and discussion of three novels, essays, and chapter selections from other texts.  Forgoing debates regarding Lewis’s doctrine on Christianity, the focus rests upon the importance of his writings while considering methods of application in the 21st century.

GCA 333                                Classical Literature                                  3 hours

Selections of epic, dramatic, historical, oratorical, and other classical literature are read and discussed by the class to understand the worldview and practices of the authors, especially as they illuminate New Testament literature.

PMU 122                              Music Appreciation                                 3 hours

A broad study of the history of Western music from the beginning to modern times.  Emphasis is directed to the six main musical style periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary.  The study includes lecture, readings, and listening.  Other fine arts related to each period are also incorporated.  Students are taught to be better listeners and to understand how music has affected man and his culture.