2014/15 Semester Costs

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2014-2015 Semester Charges & Fees

  Full-Time Students  Part-Time Students 
Residential Students $4,500 per semester
Commuter Students $2,100 per semester $1,500 per semester
Onsite Tuition Rate $300 per credit*
Online Tuition Rate $200 per credit

Above prices include all required student fees. Residence Hall fees include double occupancy room and a board plan of 16 meals per week.

*The Full-Tuition Scholarship covers up to 18 hours per semester for Residential and Commuter students seeking a degree or certificate. The Full-Tuition Scholarship may be reduced from deficiencies in grades, Christian service, or chapel attendance.

One-Time Program Fees
Application Fee (waived at campus visits) $0-$50
Orientation Fee $200
Logos Bible Software Bronze $375 (or $140 for three semesters)
Commencement & Diploma $100
Optional Semester Fees
Reactivation (waived for online students) $250
Academic Support $150
Incomplete Process Fee $200
Certificate Enrollment (details in Catalog) $500-1000
Single Occupancy Room $500 per semester (subject to availability)
Premium Internet Service $50
Dual Enrollment $100 per credit
Independent Study or Online Course** $100 per credit
Non-CCCB Online Course $200 per credit
Course Retake Fee $100 per credit
Semester Overload Fee (above 18 credits) $100 per credit
Late Registration fee $10 per credit
Change of Program $60
Change of Schedule (Per visit to the Registrar) $40

**This fee applies to resident and commuter students who take an online course.

Available First Year Financial Aid

Students qualify by filing a FAFSA. This can be done at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Award amounts are based on eligibility according to the government. These numbers represent the maximum available. Not all students will qualify for the maximum Pell Grant.

Stafford Loans are applied for separately.