Admission of High School Students

We are excited to offer high school students the opportunity to get a jump start on their college experience in a Christian campus environment.  Students who are accepted for dual-enrollment may take two classes on campus, one course in each of two semesters.*  High school students may receive permission to take two online courses, Foundations of Christianity and Christian Discipleship.  The online courses may be taken in two separate semesters or in separate sessions of the same semester.

To be eligible for dual-enrollment as a high school student, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum of 16 years of age
  • Junior or Senior class status
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • Composite ACT score of 18 or higher

Below are the steps in the application process:

  1. Application:
    • Complete the online admissions application found here: Apply Online.  
  2. Parental Consent Form:
    • We will need to receive parental consent for your enrollment.  Please send a completed Parental Consent Form to the CCCB Admissions Department.
  3. Official High School Transcripts
    • Your high school must send completed transcripts with graduation date to the CCCB Admissions Department.  Print out and complete the Transcript Request Form, and have your current transcript sent in.
    • Home School students should send in their home school transcripts.  If you do not currently have a completed home school transcript, you can use the Home School Transcript Template 
  4. ACT Scores
    • If your high school transcript does not include your ACT scores, please have official copies of your scores sent directly to the CCCB Admissions Department.  Instruction on who to have your ACT scores sent can be found here: Send ACT Scores

If you have any questions about the application process or any of the required steps, please contact the CCCB Admissions Department at 888.263.3900 x144 or email  Once all necessary documents have been submitted and your application file is complete, you can usually expect to know the outcome of your application within 1-2 weeks.  High school students are not eligible for federal financial aid, however, the cost of taking a class at Central as a high school student is reduced to make this a very affordable opportunity.  

Send all relevant items to:

Central Christian College of the Bible
ATTN: Admissions
911 East Urbandale Drive
Moberly, MO 65270

*With permission from the Vice President of Academics, high school students may be provisionally accepted and take up to five classes. They must complete the full application for program students, which can be found here: Apply Online, as well as submit a completed Parental Consent Form to the CCCB Admissions Department.

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